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If you haven’t played Enter the Matrix or want to try this action увидеть больше game, download it now for free! Published in by Atari, Inc. SamboNZ 0 point. Mica 0 point. MaverickJ3w 0 point. Does anyone know how to mattix the sound to enter the matrix game for pc The sound only works for me during the cut scenes, but not during enteer actual gameplay. Also had to install both patches, or at least v1.

Running on windows 11 also. Had to download Daemon tools as jdk install windows 10 suggested and mount the “discs” to get “disc 4” to install as well.

But yea, if anyone can help me with enter the matrix game for pc sound part that would be enher, I just don’t understand why the sound works during cut scenes but not actual gameplay.

Other than that, works great. Vinz 1 point. It doesn’t work. You will either walk forward enher backward all the time without any input.

You have to use mouse and keyboard. Notes: Widescreen Patch does not want to work with Lutris on Linux, so i had to use my Windows 10 installation since I didn’t want to debug and patch wine for playing this It didn’t age well tye all. Gary -1 point. Nordomus 0 point. Bloopety 2 points. This works. I couldn’t get it to load until I installed the patch”1. This was after installing the other patch 1. I had this on Gamecube as a kid and played it forever Paul Kersey 0 point. VIRUS 0 point.

This installation was читать with Contebrew. Nost -3 points. She can barely steer! I guess in they didn’t know how to draw a circle in game. I cant find the 1. And game doesn’t start, although i fix the compatibility. Messi -2 points. Very enter the matrix game for pc good app!.! Carry on your work and I personally thank you for this!???? What an awesome game that was! Shadowbird 0 point.

Downloaded and installed this enter the matrix game for pc, everything works well except the cut scenes has no sound, some help would be great. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d адрес. Enter the matrix game for pc you have trouble to run Enter the Matrix Windowsread the abandonware guide first! We may have multiple downloads for few games when different expert que sirve free are available.

Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! Ener files to help you run Enter the Matrix, apply patches, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities. MyAbandonware More than quickbooks desktop pro 2016 uk games to download for free!

Browse By Developer Shiny Entertainment, Inc. Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view. Download 2. Description of Enter the Matrix If you haven’t played Enter the Matrix or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Captures and Snapshots Windows. See older comments Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like.

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Catching my breath after this onslaught of information, I ask Dave to tell me more about the kind of gameplay we can expect come May 15, the day the game must and will be released to coincide with the release of the next film, The Matrix Reloaded. You’ll bend the rules” just like Neo and Trinity did in the first movie – running on walls, dodging bullets and making huge leaps and kicking ass when a situation demands it.

Of course, having innovative ideas and great source material to work with is one thing, but as we know only too well, developers have often been creatively hamstrung when working with big-budget film licences, especially when it comes to the plot.

I share my worries with Dave, who quickly puts my mind at ease. This is where the revelation begins. The Wachowskis haven’t just created a cool film and a game to go with it – they’ve created a complex and coherent universe that inhabits many media and has a life far beyond the experience of sitting in a darkened room watching a strip of images flicker on a wall. The Animatrix – a collection of short anime films set in the Matrix universe, each with a very different take on the concept – is one extension of the Matrix array.

Shiny’s game, far from your average thrown-together film spin-off, is another, crucial part of that array. It’s hard not to think that with the Wachowski’s vision in place, Enter The Matrix is set to be the greatest film-licensed game of our time.

The interweaving plot linking with that of the films will inject it with a level of immersion and significance rarely seen in a videogame, while the gameplay is set to offer more diversity than ten of its competitors. Not so, says Dave, who explains that Shiny’s ground-breaking cross-platform engine was designed from the ground up to use every machine to its full potential. Every minute spent making the game causes the results to appear on all four platforms. No matter what platform you’re using, the game engine is squeezing every last bit of performance out of the hardware.

The versions will all feel the same when you play, but there will be graphical differences due to the different types of hardware you’re using. The only major control change is by using a mouse on the PC.

I just wish all consoles had a mouse controller, too. For a while, our conversation meanders around an already touched-on subject -the plot – while the room grows darker and rain assaults the windowpanes like giant strands of wire. As if sensing that the setting somewhat mirrors a scene from the film, Dave pulls out the most apt quote of the evening. No one can be told what Enter The Matrix is I smile knowingly. Zion is under a great threat, and everyone -Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, Niobe and Ghost – must all race against time to save Zion and ultimately mankind itself.

There’s some info for all you film lovers then, but shockingly, Enter The Matrix will not allow you to play the role of any character from The Matrix.

Yep, you read right. You can’t be Neo. Or Morpheus. Or Trinity. But surely, if it’s is to capture the true spirit of the films, Enter The Matrix must allow you to be the heroes already immortalised in our minds? Playing a new character with no background or history other than that explored within the game will surely come as a gargantuan disappointment to fans the world over.

Dave disagrees. And not without good reason. All the major characters from the first film are present in the game, but you’ll play as either Niobe or Ghost, two new characters who appear in The Matrix Reloaded. Niobe is a hard-as-nails asskicker or bottom-kicker as you would call it in Blighty. Clearly Dave has spent little time in the UK of late. She’s the best driver in the game. Ghost is the weapons guru – think of him as a Zen-Buddhist-Apache-Assassin. Who will very soon be as beloved by us as any from the original film?

I stand corrected. As time pushes on and the rain subsides to a redundant dribble, I usher Dave down the road of narrative presentation. Cut-scenes and plot details can be a fickle friend to action games, often turning the emphasis away from the conflict to the point of boredom.

It’s a relief to see that Dave holds many of the same plot-based ideals as I do. I don’t mind being interrupted by cut-scenes if it’s cool and interesting stuff I’m about to see. I thought some of the Metal Gear Solid 2 cut-scenes were mind-numbingly boring to watch; they droned on and on.

The problem it suffered from was that some of them were cool, some were even important, and far, far, far too many were complete ass, err, I mean bottom’. Stop that. With Enter the Matrix, there is an hour of original motion picture footage shot just for the game, using the real actors, the real sets and directed by the Wachowskis themselves.

If you are a Matrix fan, you just can’t miss it. Utterly and totally. The Wachowskis have broken dramatically with the tradition of filmmakers – not only by working closely with the developers to ensure the game meets the same superb quality of the films, but by actually making the game an essential complement to those films. The one hour of FMV footage will be worth the entrance fee alone. As the conversation rolls to a halt with the customary exchange of pleasantries, Dave Perry can surely not miss the excitement on my face, betrayed by an idiotic smile usually reserved exclusively for the mentally unsound.

He’s shown me that there is another world out there, one of adventure, intrigue, subterfuge and danger, one waiting to be discovered come May 15, which will take me – and you – away from our daily grind, fading our predictable and stagnant existence to a shadowy memory, till it disappears and becomes little more than a dream. No Matrix game would be complete without the recreation of the superb fight scenes of the film.

Of course, this complex system, where you can bend the rules’ is no easy feat to implement into a game. But when you have Master Yuen Wo Ping the martial arts legend behind the film’s gravity defying choreography working with you, then you’re certainly in with a bloody good chance of pulling it off.

However, no information has been forthcoming from Shiny regarding the use of Bullet Time’ slo-mo effects in the game, although I suspect that comments about bending the rules’ could be a veiled way of talking about the subject. Just like the film, we wanted the player to be able to run up a wall, nail two guys with a flying kick, somersault across the floor and pick up a pistol in the same motion, shoot two more guys, then judo throw another guy over the edge of rooftop.

And we’ve got all of that in the game and more than 3, other moves, enthuses Dave. Max Payne, eat you heart out. I was going to make a joke here about prancing, somersaulting pansies, but decided against it as Master Yuen might get wind of it and kill me with his thumb. So probably best I just let this one go, eh? One of the most interesting and unique aspects of Enter The Matrix is set to be its hacking options.

In typically post-modern form, the game will try to convince you that you’re not playing a game at all, but actually sitting at your computer, hacking into the Matrix to uncover its secrets. Well maybe Dave can make more sense of it for you. Hacking is like a game-within-a-game, where you can hack into your character and the game console. As it emulates you sitting at a computer, that section feels somewhat like a text adventure from the good old gaming days. You’ll find secrets and unlock all sorts of goodies.

You can download new skills into your character, and feel like you are really hacking. We do the same, but you can interact with her, and with her help, keep digging deeper into the system. Clearer now? If you’re a die-hard fan of the flicks, Enter the Matrix provides exactly what creators Andy and Larry Wachowski had promised. Playing through this action title gives you a richer understanding of how and why certain events happen in The Matrix Reloaded.

Loyalists will also enjoy the fact that the paths of each playable character, Niobe and Ghost who have supporting roles in the film , reveal different nuggets of Matrix info, providing further incentive to complete with both heroes. It also helps that enough of their missions vary so you don’t feel like you’re playing the same exact game twice.

And let me not forget ETM’s biggest draw, the exclusive movie cut-scenes totaling more than an hour , which will be reason enough for some to fork over 50 bucks. Yet too many shortcomings will stop those who haven’t been unplugged I mean nonfans from entering this Matrix. The driving and hovercraft portions fail miserably at capturing the same roller-coaster-type thrills of their movie counterparts–piloting the Logos hovercraft is like a bad bumper-boat ride.

Plus, it’s a shame that a number of the cut-scenes using the in-game engine lack the cool special effects made famous in the films. You’ll know what I mean when you see agents dodging bullets. More often than not, you’ll miss out on catching a good look at your Neo-like acrobatics because of the jumpy camera, and while the motion-captured combat animations are superb, others like running or climbing a ladder appear downright odd.

Take the fanboy outta me, and I can’t say I’d follow the white rabbit all the way to the game store to buy Enter the Matrix. It’s a fine rental for Matrix addicts it takes about 12 hours to finish the game with both characters , but it isn’t quite good enough to warrant a purchase. Enter the Matrix is a polished turd. Pick it up and you’ll likely be mesmerized by its sparkly veneer–the exclusive movie clips, glossy character models, stylish bullet-time special effects, and destructible environments definitely impress–but play it for an hour and its sticky fecal filling oozes all over your hands.

Major problems plague every facet of the game. Press ESC to close. Action Adventure Fighting Video games released in Windows. Enter the Matrix. Game Description Enter the Matrix is an action-adventure video game developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by Infogrames, released under the Atari brand name.

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