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If you’re looking for a hard-wearing, long-lasting loft ladder, you’ve come to the right place. Wooden loft ladders are renowned for their impressive strength and stability. The LDK loft ladder is a double-section Business  ladder with a slidable lower section.

Measure the floor to loft floor height, which is the vertical distance from the finished floor to the loft floor. As you can tell, there are lots of important things to consider when deciding on an attic ladder. Both wood and aluminium ladders have their merits and faults, but both are a long-lasting and reliable options. Prone to moisture and temperature damage – The nature of a wooden attic ladder means they are more likely to be impacted by humidity and temperature changes. At the bottom of this web page in the “”Price and Product Dimensions”” section, we have the frame fitting size for each size ladder we do. Please also consult the instructions (which can be found in our Fact Sheets tab above) for more information.

Seven standard powdercoat finishes are available, and custom colors may be available on request. Easy operation with a space-saving design, uses no headroom or storage space in the loft. More expensive – Wood ladders tend to be more expensive than their aluminium counterparts.

We always like to underpromise and overdeliver if we can, so this makes us very pleased. It may not seem like the look of a ladder is important, but when it comes to loft ladders, it would be highly noticeable if it didn’t fit with the style of your home. There are a few decisions to be made when it comes to choosing your loft ladder, one of which being the material it is made from. Wooden loft ladders are a popular and commonly used choice for a number of reasons.

Hardware may be finished to blend in with the ladder or to contrast as a design element. The ladder is created with high-quality wood that looks excellent and gives an air of quality and authenticity. You can’t easily replicate the aesthetic of authentic wood in your house, and if you’re a fan of it, you’ll surely love this type of ladder. Rust resistant – Unlike other metals, aluminium is rust resistant so it can stand the test of time, even in humid environments. Durable – Wood is a long-lasting material that is unlikely to break, even with frequent use and heavy loads.

For safety and convenience this ladder comes complete with a handrail. It fits quickly on to the trap door when it is folded and no loft clearance required when closing the door. The sandwich-type insulation lid has a thickness of about 26mm. The Lyte Easiloft Timber Loft Ladder measures about 1130 mm x 550mm x 130mm. The Alufix 9-Thread Concertina Loft Ladder is a safe comfortable loft ladder.

The Abru Three Section Loft Ladder is designed to be suspended or attached to the ceiling. Are you looking for loft hatches and ladders that allow quick and easy access to loft spaces and a draught-free fitting at the same time? The loft access doors and loft stairs in our range might be exactly what you need. The aluminium loft ladders we manufacture are lightweight, easy to install and great value for money. If you’re considering a heavy-duty aluminium loft ladder, we also have the choice. Easy to install and operate – our wooden ladders can be easily fitted yourself.

Noisy – When moving an aluminium ladder, they are very loud and make an unpleasant noise. This is an important factor to consider if you will be accessing the attic frequently. Cheaper – Aluminium ladders are a cheaper option than wood ladders while still being good quality and unlikely to break. Difficult to move – While they are strong and sturdy, wood ladders are larger and heavier than alternatives making them difficult to move. Only comment, online photo shows hatch with brackets, a bit misleading! Comprehensive manual supplied written in plain English with easy to follow diagrams.

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