Alaska Small Businesses Face a Perfect Storm As Shoppers Are Encouraged To buy Alaska

If you love natural beauty and don’t mind occasional weather, you ought to consider the state as the home of your new business. He sees businesses not planning for growth and instead focusing on trying not to contract. Twenty-five percent of Alaska SBDC survey respondents said they were seeking funding, with fixed capital for new equipment and building renovations being the greatest need followed by working capital for operations.

Liberty is also somewhat of a traveler herself and has written a book about her thrilling adventures before settling down in Seward. Founder Pamela Manderson has lived in Alaska since she was 3 and has a long history in the tourism industry. She previously worked in a job getting Alaskans out of Alaska and to someplace warm and sunny. Unsatisfied with that career, she changed gears and ended up on a path that allowed her to start Alaska Private Touring. Her tour company caters to visitors seeking an in-depth, guided visit to Alaska, but away from the crowds and typical ‘bus’ tours.

Plus you won’t have to struggle to get customers to your place either. With the longest coastline in the United States of America, Alaska has one of the fastest-growing fishing industries. In the state, you can export the seafood in cans or in frozen form to other parts of the USA and even outside the country with the blooming frozen seafood industry. More details emerged and it came out that large corporations were exploiting loopholes to secure funds that had been intended to keep Alaska Small Businesses Near Me  afloat.

Find out which business structure is right for your new business in Alaska. Find organizations in your local area that can assist you with planning. If you get stuck along the way, connect with a business resource in your local area for help. Appoint a Registered Agent for company formation and filing purposes. Alaska, a petroleum hub produces a number of specialized products. With so many companies producing petroleum-related products in Alaska, they often fail to market their products.

This includes ensuring that you are registered with the IRS for employee taxes and reporting new hires to the State of Alaska. With the lowest tax burden in the nation and the 4th-fastest rate of startup growth, starting a business in Alaska is a great choice for entrepreneurs. Start your business today with our simple step-by-step guide and get on the fast track to financial and personal independence. When I was a kid, the owner of the old Lee’s Jewelry on Government Hill would pay me to take the trash out.

Of course, like most super moms, she always makes time to play outside with her son and husband with whom she co-owns the company. See profiles of business owners who have prospered, in part, due to the services provided by our dedicated team of advisors, instructors, specialists, and assistants. Nowadays, LLCs are the option of choice for small business owners as they are easy to manage and provide the benefits of a corporation while lacking their complex structure. Tax Foundation ranks it the 3rd most tax-friendly state in the country, as well as 1st in individual income tax and 5th in sales tax. This is due to the state’s business-friendly taxation system, international access by land, sea, and air, an outdoors way of life, no income or sales tax, and strong population and migration growth. It is not just Americans and Alaskans starting small businesses in Alaska; the state attracts some international business people too.

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